Stratos Evo 工業級多參數水質監控器 點擊圖片放大

Stratos Evo 工業級多參數水質監控器

型號:Stratos Evo
英文名稱:Industrial Transmitters

依據具體要求,Stratos Evo可以輕鬆切換到不同的過程變量。


全數字式Stratos Evo平台支持對測量信號進行無干擾的處理,而測量信號已在傳感器中數字化。如果使用Analog傳感器,連接測量模塊時,設備就會執行全自動參數檢測。

HighPower電源還有一個額外優勢,那就是能夠為外部2線變送器供電,如壓力或流速變送器等。相應的信號可通過4 … 20 mA輸入構成環路並顯示。

Stratos Evo通過顏色表示的用戶界面提供直觀的操作。寬大的顯示屏以6種顏色指示不同的工作狀態:正常測量模式的背光為白色,信息用綠色顯示。診斷菜單、維護要求通知和保持(Hold)模式也分别使用不同的颜色。警報狀態顯示為暗紅色,顯示屏閃爍红色表示輸入無效或密碼錯誤。還有淺顯易懂、一目了然的插圖提供更簡單的概觀。


Stratos Evo提供可選HART通信,或用作PROFIBUS DP器件。


Stratos Evo offers pioneering solutions for analysis of pH, ORP, conductivity (conductive or inductive) and oxygen using 4-wire technology.

  • Intuitive operation with color-coded user guidance
  • For digital Memosens and analog sensors
  • Diagnostic functions for Memosens sensors
  • High-performance HighPower broad-range power supply
  • Power supply for external 2-wire transmitters (pressure or flow transmitters)
  • Explosion protection: Zone 2
  • Digital communication

One Device for pH, ORP, Conductivity and Oxygen
The 4-wire multi-parameter device for measuring pH values, ORP, conductivity (conductive or inductive) or dissolved oxygen has a particularly powerful HighPower broad-range power supply on board, allowing for the use of optical oxygen sensors in addition to analog and Memosens sensors.

Fully Digital Integration Avoids Interference
The fully digital Stratos Evo platform allows for interference-free processing of measurement signals which are already digitized in the sensor. If analog sensors are used, the device already performs fully automated parameter detection when the measurement module is connected.

Supply of External 2-Wire Transmitters
The HighPower power supply provides an additional advantage through the ability to also supply external 2-wire transmitters such as pressure or flow rate transmitters. The respective signal can be looped through the 4 … 20 mA input and displayed.


Visualization of the Operating States Through Color-Coding
Stratos Evo features intuitive operation via a color-coded user interface. The widescreen display indicates the respective operating states in six different colors: The normal measurement mode is backlit in white, information is indicated in green. Separate colors are also used for the diagnostics menu, maintenance requirement notifications and Hold mode. The alarm status is shown in dark red, and red flashing of the display indicates invalid inputs or false passcodes. Clear, self-explanatory pictograms also provide for an easier overview.